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> Sleep is purely and simply a series of repair and test sequences
> throughout the night. No magic,no reinforcement of learning. The REM
> sequences are
> hallucinations while the brain is in a certifiably insane chemical
> state.

Then psychosis must be a great way to solve problems. Go read the French
mathematician Hadamard, or think of Loewi, Kekule, and accounts by
innumerable people who have solved seemingly intractable problems through

Given that it is very difficult to know what  certifiably insane chemical
state would be I find the assertion puzzling. I don't think we know enough
at this point to make these claims.

Like J. Allan Hobson states on page 77 of his book THE CHEMISTRY
> OF CONSCIOUS STATES:" dreaming is not like a psychosis, it is a
> psychosis.It's just a healthy one,"Why anyone pays any attention at
> all to the  insane psychotic stateREM sleep, and which Nature programs
> us to forget is beyond me. It seems there are still people who have
> read Freud and can't shake some of his absurdities.

I agree with the Freud bit, people go looking too hard for meaning in
dreams, better it comes up and hits you in the fact first thing in the
morning. I don't think by equating the dream state with psychosis we are
doing ourselves any epistemological favours.

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