Effecting Electrical Objects

John E Anderson jander at unf.edu
Fri Oct 8 14:27:05 EST 1999

I have noticed quite a number of times that when I pass street lamps
they go out, and I wondered if I might have some sort of special field
or something associated with me that affected (not "effected") the
lamps.  Then the other day I was walking across a parking lot, passed by
a street light, and it went off.  So I stood there for a while, and
watched the lamp, and also the many other lamps in the parking lot. 
After a little bit, the lamp I "caused" to go off came back on.  And all
the while, other lamps in the parking lot were going off and coming back
on.  So maybe I have a quite extensive and fluctuating field that causes
this?  Or more likely, I wonder if the lights themselves spontaneously
go off and come back on -- by design, perhaps to conserve energy or
prolong the life of the bulb, or maybe due to some design flaw -- as
part of their normal operation?  

John Anderson

> Ide Monahan wrote:
> >
> > I wonder if anyone can help me ...
> >
> > I have a friend (really) and frequently, when he walks under street lamps,
> > they go off, only to come back on again when he has passed them by.  He
> > blew the headlamps in his car and without exception, every single
> > electrical appliance has broken with a day of him buying it.  This has
> > happened far too often to be just co-incidence.  There must be some
> > explanation ... Is there anywhere I can research this 'phenomenon' ??

John E Anderson
Department of Natural Sciences
University of North Florida
Jacksonville FL

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