Zzzzzzzz We have to do it every night but nobody knows why

ken collins kckpaulc at aol.comABCXYZ
Fri Oct 8 20:22:42 EST 1999

i always go back and read my posts, after a while has passed, to check them, in
light of my perceptions of folks' understanding, for their capacity to

when i reread the prior post, a few minutes ago, i had to 'smile'... but it was
a 'sad' smile... it's stuff is so rich, but who will 'get-it'?

perhaps some did, though, and, to a seeming (i'll verify) sub-group of them i
must say that, when i speak of a 'presenting the understanding as a Gift', i'm
also stating my firm committment to the fact that the understanding will not be
usurped by 'profit' seekers.

yeah, the understanding's stuff can continue to lift-up things 'economic', as
it has, for more than a decade, here in the U. S. A., but it'll do so only as a
secondary outcome of folks', everywhere, having come to understand... which
'folks' who get 'their carts before their horses' will see for themselves, to
the Sorrowful detriment of all folks, everywhere.

the main thing in the understanding is not 'profits' be-cause the main thing in
being Human is not 'profits'.

at any rate, if the stuff of the prior msg didn't communicate, be assured that
i can take it all the way down to the 'level' of ionic conductances if anyone
just sets up an opportunity for me to do expressly that (or, as i invite folks
to do in the Preface of AoK, anything else that's the subject of any replicable
experimental results in the published Neuroscience literature) in-person.

Please Forgive me if this, "two", is seemingly 'untoward'. it's just that
the"laying of foundations 'time'" ran-out at the end of this summer, and it's
clear that it's 'time' to move on to a richer discussion.

other things:

i went to a hospital emergency room to have the 'thing' looked at. got all the
way to the point where i was to sign the 'charity' forms, but found i
"couldn't" do so. told the (very-gentle and patient) folks who were assisting
me that i'd come back when i could pay my own way. it's just the way i was
raised, and the way with which i agree. i'm not much for 'red-tape'. believe in
doing the work that earns one's keep. just happens to be the case that the work
i do doesn't 'earn' much in the 'normal' way :-)

anyway, i still have no 3rd-party verification of what the 'thing' is. it's
still 'behaving' highly-dynamically, although it seems that overcoming my
extremely sleep-deprived 'state' has 'calmed it down' some, and it's clear that
i've got to avoid such in the future. the only new observation with respect to
it is that the skin surrounding the growth is dying.

other other-thing: to whoever is prematurely deleting my posts, please stop.
"Hard" things must be addressed in the light of day, lest Harder things
continue to ravage Humanity unchallenged.

K. P. Collins (ken)

P. S. i'm Sorry that i've had to 'cut to the chase'... but, if folks read, with
a bit of patience, they'll find that, by-and-by, they'll 'come up to speed',
and the stuff that i post won't seem so 'out-there' :-)

at least among those who've had access to it, the discussion is, finally, 'on
the other side' of the 'point of randomness' (AoK, Ap4), and it's important to
continue to build inertia in the direction of understanding, while working to
prevent things 'flopping-around' (going 'random'). kpc

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