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> Peter Harrison (pjh at wrote:
> : Not exactly.  The brain stores processed information - not raw data.  In
> : other words when you see an event your brain interprets what is seen,
> : stores the interpretaion.  Since it is not known exactly how this is
> : in the brain there is little point on trying to measure the amount a
> : can store - by counting neurons or whatever.  There is probably no
> : correlation between neurons and a computers 'bits'.
> A brief search on the web disclosed that there are 1.1 million nerve
> fibers in the optic nerve.
> There are 6.5 million cones in the retina, which are used for color
> vision mainly concentrated in the center of the retina.
> There are 125 million rods that are used for periheral and low
> light vision.
> Ron
                  Also you may want to think of where memory is actually
stored in the human body. Is it only the brain or is it in nerve clusters
period. The second greatest concentration of nerves in the human
body is in the genital region.

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