Slumber's Unexplored Landscape

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| > Worthman's findings rip the covers off any lingering suspicions that
| ...
| Who is Worthman?
| > sleepers. Sleep compressed into a single stint may thus encourage modern
| > humans to lose touch with dreams, myths, and fantasies, Wehr argues
| ...
| How did Wehr come into this?
| It is good to get references to popular educating articles, biut what is
| the use of bad clippings from them?
| Dag Stenberg

John did what he should in referencing a copyrighted article, posting a URL
and quoting only excerpts, which although rather extensive, did leave out
complete references.  If you had clicked on the link:

You would have wound up at the Science News website, which always identifies
all papers referenced in an article.

On the subject of the thread, I recall reading similar accounts of nights in
a Yanomamo shabono (a communal village dwelling), where from time to time
someone who had a grudge would get up to harangue the village, and people
would nod off and wake up all the time.  The people who just moved into the
downstairs apartment here, seem to have the same idea (unfortunately I

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