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Wed Oct 13 04:40:29 EST 1999

"I go. You stay. No following." (the Iron Giant)

[Two-hundred-seven years ago, October 13, 1792, George Washington laid the
cornerstone of the Executive Mansion.]

[To the Citizenry of Norway: I recorded them, but don't have to use the
videotape. My imagery of your awesomely beautiful lifting up of the Children
during the opening and closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympic Games you
hosted remains fresh in my mind. No matter what, I will carry you folks in my
heart while I live. But there is some sorrow.]

As folks who were here last year might recall, I posted a gentle admonishment,
to the folks concerned, with respect to the 1998 Nobels, solely on their

It went unheeded.

I posted the thing, then, because I'd been monitoring a trend, in Physics,
going back to the late 80s, at which time i began discussing Tapered Harmony's
new reification of physical reality in CompuServe's "Science Forum".

I got into the discussion of that theory all the way down to where I disclosed
the fact that what's been referred to as "Quantum Mechanics" was falacious.

Thereafter, unthinkable things interferred with my efforts to communicate
Tapered Harmony's new reification, including, as Mr. Allen Dunsmuir has
discussed here in bionet.neuroscience, my being summarily locked out of the
CompuServe "Science Forum", supposedly, because I addressed matters of Religion
while discussing my Science. But I realized, right from the outset of this
Censorship that the anti-Religion hubris was exactly that.

You see, I'd been working on the theory of physical reality (that I named
Tapered Harmony when I began discussing it on CompuServe) forty-one years ago,
when I was eleven years old. I have all the documentation. My high school
senior Science project, judged by Dr. Frank Korkosz Director of the Springfield
Science Museum, was in "Tapered Harmony". I've worked on the theory
continuously all these years.

But after I started discussing Tapered Harmony on CompuServe, I noticed that
the work it constitutes was being rampantly Plagerized. Such remains the case
as I write this.

With last years Nobels, it became apparent to me that the Unthinkable was
unfolding. The control freaks weren't satisfied with the awesome slaughter that
ensued as a result of their trying to withhold NDT's stuff from folks. The
control freaks, seeing the monetary value inherent in it (as I've explained
here in bionet.neuroscience, it constitutes, among other things, a complete,
new foundation for computational machines - machines that render current
machines, relatively, as 'piles of stones'), 'decided' to 'rewrite' the History
of Science in a way that attributed the work I'd done (Tapered Harmony) to

I'm not free, at this point, to disclose everything, but it has been the case
that the control freaks could not even restrain themselves from ppublicly
'celebrating' their 'cleverness'.

Of course, as always, I just documented everything.

If anyone wants to call me into Court of Law because of what I post, here, so
be it.

I am a Physicist. NDT is everything I've claimed it to be, and it's stuff will
lift-up Humanity... if the Censorship that has withheld it from folks ever
comes to an end... but I am a Physicist. I did NDT be-cause it needed to be
accomplished, and I expected, right from the beginning, that I could do it,
and, so, I was Obligated to do it.

But I am a Physicist.

Tapered Harmony is my Life's Work.

What it all comes down to is that, if I do not speak-up, I'd, then, 'abandon'

I will die without doing such.

The control freaks are not satisfied with the awesome slaughter that transpired
be-cause they withheld NDT's stuff from folks.

For most of the last decade, they've been actually working to steal Tapered
Harmony's stuff from folks, "two".

In the name of 'profits'.

Sadly, the attempt includes participants from multiple Nations.

Sadly, it involves members of the Norwegian Nobel Selection Committee.

It's 'just' so outrageous.

First Tapered Harmony is Censored by people who were just too-far-up "Quantum
Mechanics'" blind alley to even begin to do Physics.

Then, the same people try to steal Tapered Harmony's reification.

Then, they 'celebrate' their theft, and attempt to cover-up their theft, by
'awarding' the theft the most prestegious recognition that occurs in Science.

Only trouble is, my God is Truth.

I've no choice.

Then, Mass-Murder in the First Degree. Now attempting to Steal the Future that
I'd prepared as a Gift to the Children.

No wonder those who pose as 'scientists' have worked so hard to disbarage
everything of God.

No 'wonder', at all.

Things of God are mutually-exclusive with their Greed-driven Hatred of their
fellow Humans.

What 'hatred'?

The Hatred that Slaughters folks by the millions, rather than acknowledge

The Hatred that reaches out with the intent to snatch the Future from the

"My Country, 'tis of Thee."

Your name is Shame.

Although I've been documenting things for Journalists all along, I declare the
laying of the New Cornerstone, this day.

And here I stand, "Living in a momment that I'd die for."

K. P. Collins

[To the peoples of Nations that are not involved, I Beg you to remain calm.
Everything is in order. I ask that you work, resolutely, to understand, but
that you, simultaneously, work only on behalf of Peace for all people,
everywhere. KPC]

[Judging by the number of 'wrong-number' calls I've been getting of late, folks
know how to reach me. KPC]

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