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Wed Oct 13 22:31:16 EST 1999


>>"My Country, 'tis of Thee."

Your name is Shame.<<

What i wrote, earlier, misrepresents Truth.

It's not America that's gone wrong.

America is the millions of people who get up each day to faithfully serve and
strive to get things right.

but there are a relatively-few folks, who've gotten things completely wrong.
it's been the case that their influence within the American population has been
co-opting folks more and more with respect to forsaking everything else in the
name of 'profits'.

it's not difficult to see where all of that leads, and i do so see, and i
choose not to let the 'where-it-all-leads-to' happen.

for folks who 'wonder', it was my surmise that, because of NDT, it might've
been the case that i was being considered for the 1999 Nobel Peace Prize.

but as the awards were announced this year, and as it became apparent that the
'trend', noticed last year, was continuing, it also became aparent that a
'strategy' was unfolding that had as its goal the co-opting of my voice...
'Give him this and he'll shut up about that.'

Please, everyone, get it straight... no one need do anything on my behalf. the
work i've done has been discussed freely, and if folks just take it and run off
with it, "that's the way it goes"... =except= iff folks, as has been the case
thus far, strip this or that out of the understanding, and, so, 'eliminate' the
understanding's worth to Humanity.

that's the thing with respect to which i've unavoidable Obligation, because,
with respect to NDT's stuff, such invariably constitutes Murder.

folks can be as 'hard' as they want to be on me, but get it straight, i will
not stand-aside when it's the case that my standing-aside would 'sanction'

i cannot.

so, if it's the way it has to be, take the understanding, strip my name off of
it, but 'just' present it =WHOLE=.

i can deal with such without being Obligated to do anything.

but anything less than presenting the understanding to folks, WHOLE, requires
action of me, be-cause such constitutes Murder.


the other thing is it's quite obvious that i'm able to use the understanding to
see 'way down the road', and things that seem, to others, to be 'absurd', i see
as flat-out-obvious matters of grave concern.

lastly, because NDT's understanding is, still only partially communicated, but
nevertheless partially communicated, because i put it out-there, i've
obligation with respect to dynamics that, having been born in NDT's stuff being
out-there, constitute possible points-of-failure for Humanity.

i've tried, in every offline way of which i could conceive, to convey the
essence of the great responsibilities inherent. in the last five years, it's
become apparent to me that various 'ethnic' interests are collectively reacting
to their unfortunately-incomplete "understanding" of NDT's stuff... and this
one circumstance is exceedingly dangerous. all over the place, folks are
'guessing' about what it is that they should do in light of their incomplete
understanding of NDT's stuff... and, sadly, all over the place, folks've been
getting it wrong.

when communication of the understanding has been so interfered with, how could
it be otherwise?

so, i saw the need to 'get-stern', becoming a 'hitching-post' by determinedly
calling-to-task folks in all instances where they're 'flying-off-the-handle'
with respect to what they know of NDT's stuff, simply because their
'understanding' is dangerously-incomplete.

it's a Sorrowful thing that the theory's stuff wasn't allowed 'normal'
communication, and folks responsible for that circumstance should not feel
'threatened' by anything that i do, but they should understand that, because
communication of the understanding was blocked, and because i had to do what i
could via little snippets, all the while, dodging the Censors, it's now the
case that there are a lot of things that i must do in order that folks' journey
through the 'zone of randomness' be successful.

there's no reason to 'panic', but good grief! Trust Truth, and look to it, at

K. P. Collins

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