Transplant Dyes for nerves in superficial flexor muscle system?

psrandr psrandr at
Thu Oct 14 01:19:40 EST 1999

If you can work in fluorescence, try one of the Di series, DiA, DiI or DiO.
They are lipophilic and will soak into the nerve.  They are transported ortho
and retrograde from the site of exposure.  They appear to be largely inert and
stable over years time.

Mike A.

Soon Hyouk Lee wrote:

> Hello!
> I'm a student working on a project in studying regenerated contacts after
> transplantation between two different species of crayfish.  However, I have
> been  unable in determining a method to tag the nerve so that it is visible
> after the transplantation is complete.  After the nerve has been
> transplanted, the recipient forms a protective capsule around the
> transplant, and the proliferation of connective tissue around the site of
> injury which makes it virtually impossible to find the nerve.  I have been
> only been able to record spontaneous activity in the muscle cells after the
> new contacts have been made, but would like to stimulate the transplanted
> nerve.
> Is there anyone that can give suggestions on how to tag the nerve so that it
> can be seen after the transplantation?
> thank you,
> Soon Hyouk Lee
> Soon.Hyouk.Lee at

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