Transplant Dyes for nerves in superficial flexor muscle system?

Soon Hyouk Lee Soon.Hyouk.Lee at
Thu Oct 14 15:59:09 EST 1999

Would a dissection still be possible while seeing the fluorescence (I want
to place a stimulating electrode on the nerve, and without some sort of dye,
identification is nearly impossible with the tissue capsule that surrounds
it)?  Also, I'm concerned that lipophilic molecules may interfere with the
function of the neurons (for example, would they interfere with ion pumps in
the membrane) ?


Soon Hyouk

In article <380575FC.44974FB3 at>, psrandr
<psrandr at> wrote:

> If you can work in fluorescence, try one of the Di series, DiA, DiI or DiO.
> They are lipophilic and will soak into the nerve.  They are transported ortho
> and retrograde from the site of exposure.  They appear to be largely inert and
> stable over years time.
> Mike A.

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