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Thu Oct 14 20:00:29 EST 1999


>Please, everyone, get it straight... no one need do anything on my behalf. the
>work i've done has been discussed freely, and if folks just take it and run
>with it, "that's the way it goes"... =except= iff folks, as has been the case
>thus far, strip this or that out of the understanding, and, so, 'eliminate'
>understanding's worth to Humanity.

i retract the above. it's what's in my 'heart', but it constitutes an
abandonment of scholarly principle, and, if i do such, i'd be wrong. so i

i'm just going to continue on as i've continued on for going on 30 years.

it's all so interesting to me. i've asked that the work i've done be considered
in a 'normal' way, by allowing it to be published.

i know what's in the work, and it's obvious that, at least some, also know at
least some of what's in the work.

in the going-on 30 years, no one has ever raised even the smallest reason in
'explanation' of why communication of the work has been denied.

when i call, or visit, places that are, via their professed purposes, involved,
in one way or another, in the denial of the work's communication, no one will
even talk with me.

it's all so extremely-ugly.

i, long ago, noted a trend in which this or that 'scientist' 'celebrates' this
or that which it's obvious that the 'scientist' deems to 'contradict' something
in NDT's position.

but there's never been anything like this that constitutes any 'difficulty' for
the theory.

there was a thing on the PBS _Newshour..._ this evening. folks at Princeton
state that they've verified that cortical cells reproduce in chimps.

as i've discussed in the past, although if the finding are sustained, they're
Joyous, the finding makes no difference with respect to NDT's synthesis...
absolutely none.

yet, it's been obvious that folks 'believe' that such stuff 'justifies' the
denial of the communication of NDT's stuff.

look at it from my perspective, and one sees, immediately, that all such
supposed 'contradictions' have only one thing in common... they are all aligned
perfectly with a 'mindset' that focusses upon the 'offensiveness' of my having
done the work 'outside the system'.

that's a 'great' 'scientific' rationale for so totally Censoring devoted work
in Science, isn't it?

it's why this or that relatively-small thing (relative to what's in NDT) is
communicated... not because it's 'worthy', and NDT's stuff is 'not worthy',
but, simply, because this or that has been done 'within the system', while NDT
was done 'outside of the system'.

in the past, i've tried =HARD= to dance all around the Ugliness inherent in
Professionals' valuing, honoring, and granting themselves the 'right' to
publication, while, simultaneously, withholding the same-stuff with respect to

it's clear that my wanting not to offend, with respect to this circumstance,
has been an Error on my part.

it seems to me that, until NDT's stuff is published, all other Scientific
publication is tinged with Fraud.

if anyone disagrees, then please tell me, what must i do that i've not already
done, to, simply, win the opportunity to get NDT's stuff published?

look at it from my perspective. blocking the communication of NDT's stuff
constitutes Murder.

what's that 'you' say, "Bullshit"? "The so-called 'slaughter' that you're
always ranting about has been going on forever. It's just human nature, and
nothing can be done about it, least of all, the throwing around of mere words,
contrived in an attic somewhere, without there having been any experiments

well, all the necessary experiments were done decades ago... by 'you'.

all i did was knit together 'your' work.

do you see just how ridiculous it is that 'you' block the publication of NDT's

it's about as ridiculous as things can get.

think about it.

what was the 'turning point' with respect to the 'ascendency' of "science"?

it was Gallileo's persecution by the Church.

ever since then, Gallileo's persecution has been used, always in self-serving
ways, to propose that "science" constitutes the 'only basis' for understanding
physical reality.

well, i agree that Science constitutes a fine and powerful way of drawing one's
self closer to Truth.

what's sorrowful, though, is that, in refusing to allow NDT's stuff to be
published, "science" exposes the fact that all of it's self-righteousness with
respect to 'gallileo's persecution' is 'just' so much hipicricy... that it's
all been 'just' a, False finitization (AoK, Ap4) that's been invoked for the
convenience, inherent in it, with respect to blinding folks to the ways their
own moral compasses point.

and it's gone on and one, like this, a huge lie, perpetuated in an
ever-augmenting way with folks 'never realizing' the logical flaw inherent.

but NDT comes along, exposing all of this, and the only thing that folks in
'science' can find within themselves to do is emulate the tragic mis-take of
the Church with respect to Gallileo.

if it weren't so exceedingly tragic, it'd be down-right hillarious...
'science', all 'pomp and circumstance', bowing-down before all its 'proofs',
and such... bowing-down before the work of its own hands, and yet,
simultaneously in it's persecution-a-la-Gallileo of NDT's understanding,
saying, right out loud, that all 'science' is Bullshit.

look at things from my perspective, and that's what "you'll" see.

it's such a Tragedy, occuring now, at the end of our vauntingly-'modern' 1999.

look at it from my perspective, and "you'll" see that, yeah, 'human nature' has
gone on fairly unchanged in the 'willingness' with which it slaughters.

but the fact that Science makes it possible to Understand that what's been
referred to as 'human nature' is all 'just' crapola automation is what NDT is
all about.

it's so Tragically 'hilarious'. it's presently the case that 'science' so
'loves' the ancient savage, blind automation that it can think of doing nothing
other than deny its own Existence.

yet, look all around, and all one sees is practicioners of 'science', like so
many little Hitlers, 'rejoicing' it their abilities to dictate that which
'common' (there's no such thing) folks 'can', and will,  experience. and heaven
help any who 'thumb their noses' at such dictates, for 'science' will surely
exile them to the zone of super-conducting temperatures.

wake up! 'you' cannot do, to stuff like NDT, what "you've" done to NDT's stuff,
and, simultaneously, Exist as Scientist.

wake up!

K. P. Collins

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