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ken collins kckpaulc at aol.comABCXYZ
Thu Oct 14 22:33:46 EST 1999

i realized, at 1:46am, Monday, 13Sep99, while reading _For Love of the Game_,
by Michael Shaara, p119, that the 'point' that i've made such a great fuss
about over the years... folks 'see' things in individually-unique ways... was,
apparently, discussed by Immanuel Kant is his, _Critique of Pure Reason_.

quoting from Shaara, whose protagonist is speaking of what he learned from
reading Kant:

"He says that when people see the same thing happen, they see it with different
eyes, and remember different things - although they all saw the same thing."

That's all i know of Kant, but i see that he's probably addressing a similar,
if not the same, 'point' that i address in AoK, and I should've acknowledged
Kant's Priority the day i read it. i've been on- and offline multiple times
this Fall, and i don't recall, just now, if i'd an INet account on that day

i expect i arrived at the 'point' via a different route than Kant... in my
work, it's founded in activation-dependence, and the meta-'point' is that,
because it is founded in activation-dependence, all it's behavioral correlates
(i.e. the knee-jerk that slaughters innocents, "just because they're
'different'") are modifiable via experience... via 'learning'... which is
underpinned in neural activation, and which enables convergence upon
activation-dependence that can allow folks to 'see' things in
mutually-inclusive ways... and =that= is how the automated slaughter can be

which is the main thrust of everything i've done in both NDT and Tapered

ken (K. P. Collins)

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