Caffeine clue to better memory

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Fri Oct 15 06:06:15 EST 1999

*Hemidactylus* <hemidactylus at> wrote:
> 10 cups? That's a lot of coffee. 

10 cups a day is much, but not exceptional in Finland. Finns are heavy
coffee drinkers. And we are speaking about "average strength" coffee, 
not French coffee or espresso, but neither the homeopatic traces of 
coffee diluted in water that constitutes American caffeinated coffee
(there would actually be no need for decaf, since American coffee is 
so dilute). 
  10 cups as a dose is, of course, very much.
  The real problem with 10 cups a day is that the stomach and oesophagus
cannot stand the resulting acid secretion for a lifetime. Inflammation
or ulcers develop. The brain, though, adjusts.

Dag Stenberg

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