What is the Throomian Hypothesis?

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> I don't see why the role of proteins couldn't be played
> by ribozymes.  In fact, the "loosey-goosey" nature of RNA
> molecules (as one person put it) might actually be an asset
> here: our own neurons aren't the simple on/off things early
> researchers assumed, and RNA molecules might actually permit
> a wider range of responses.

i see our resident bio-chemist is now claiming that ribozymes can
substitute for proteins.

leaving aside that interestingly quaint notion for a bit, he then
proposes that RNA, as opposed to protein, might make neurons more
flexible and responsive.

before i really start to lay into him on this one, i would like dr. p to
more clearly explain what he means by this interesting statement.

to further facilitate discussion, i have added bionet.neuroscience.

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