SV: Capacity of the brain

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Sun Oct 17 13:20:32 EST 1999

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> >             Also you may want to think of where memory is actually
> > >> stored in the human body. Is it only the brain or is it in nerve
> > >> period.
> All of your memory ingrams are in your brain.  Your memories are not
> anywhere else.  So far there is no known limit to the amount of
information one
> can remember.

But wasn't there findings that there are other 'neural' like cells and
organizations found in other areas of the body, such as ENTERIC nervous
system and one other in the heart (can't remember the term)?

And of course, are people theorizing that there is also some processing
occurring in the microtubles that make up neurons?

And, of course, I won't mention that "eastern" or mystical views consider
memory and such to occur in other subtle structures or 'bodies'.

Even if any of these are true and some kind of processing is occurring
elsewhere (which is doubtful), whether these also provide memory is another

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