SV: Capacity of the brain

patrik bagge patrik-b at
Sun Oct 17 14:45:24 EST 1999

>>I keep hearing this about analog neurons,
>>but my understanding is that biological neurons
>>are pulse systems - discrete signal, possibly continuous
>>time. Probably emulatable with high clock frequencies.
>Biological neurons use both analog and pulsed signals. Evolution has
>already made use of most forms of encoding that we have "invented"
>recently. Some primitive creatures go for the pulse only methods but
>we mammals have moved on a bit.

yes, makes sense to me, all signals in 'reallife' i have encountered so far
are rather 'analog' but can be represented in binary computing depending
on purpose.
btw, 'logic' signals in a binary computer are also 'analog'

I read somewhere that the 'upper' neuronal frequency is about 100Hz
does someone know if information is coded in this neuronal  'pulsation' ?
(FM,PWM etc)

The thing im getting after is, if information is coded in amplitude
modulation (voltage levels)
AND some sort of frequence or pulse width modulation then one
should have to recalculate the processing power or 'capacity'
of the human mind.

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