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>ken collins <kckpaulc at aol.comABCXYZ> wrote:
>> since i can't read any of my prior posts in bionet.neuroscience, ...
>Don't worry. There are lots of recent posts by you here. I suppose you
>have some problem accessing them, like your newsreader automatically
>thinks you have seen your own posts. Some of them do just that.
>Dag Stenberg

i expect that that's not it, Dag... it's a thing that's occurred, every now and
then, over the course of years (not only in this NG, BTW), and which i've

the Sorrow is so-big, just now, that my ability to 'care' about stuff like this
has taken a "piess a pa 'two'".

i just wish there was a group, somewhere, that could grasp the fact that all a
Scientist can do is Science.

yeah, i've discussed, ad nauseum, ramifications of NDT's understanding as it
applies to the savagery which slaughters innocents... how could i not?

but it's still the case that i am a Scientist who's done some Science that's
not yet been published in the 'normal' way.

from every 'side', the Science is being attacked before it's even published...
by some who want to Censor it... by others who want to steal it.

i've watched in horror as Truth goes its way, regardless, while folks tear each
other up. it's such a Sorrow.

yet, i'm left with the Obligation of Scientist, requiring me to pursue the
communication... all that's transpiring is that the whole thing, which is the
most awesomely-beautiful thing that's been so longed for since 'time' immorial,
'just' gets more and more immersed in ugliness by the day.

this weekend, i've witnessed 'events' so extraordinarily-savage that they take
one's breath away.

my Trust in 'cyberspace' (ant things in-general, for that matter), never all
that great, is, presently, at an all-time low... 'cyberspace'... so much that
could've been so much, stabbed in the heart by folks who cannot 'see' beyond
the ends of their own noses... such great waste!

my head aches from my eyes having been opened so greatly.

sad cheers, Dag.

ken (K. P. Collins)

[and to top it all off, the Red Sox lose, hearts-broken by 'umpires' that don't
even care that they can't even see. one could actually see the light go out of
the the Sox when they saw that Truth "doesn't matter" to folks. same thing,
over and over again, stompin' on hopes, dreams... on life, itself. "But there's
no justice in life"? naw, that's not it... there's no Justice in folks'
'hearts'. and that lacking, everything else that Humanity can be 'just' 'goes

it 'cracks me up'. folks extoll the virtues of technology so discriminantly...
"What? Use an instant-replay to help umpires get their decisions correct? It's
unthinkable. It would so alter the game."

and they never even notice that the 'game' has 'gone away', twixt and between
technology's only-half-way use... like the Mars explorer... in 'Never-never
Land' be-cause nervous systems blindly cling to that which is
merely-familiar... to TD E/I(min).

look all around... the Same-Stuff ravages Humanity no matter where one seeks
comfort... the "Beast", sucking Life out of hopes, dreams, Humanity... the
Children... the Future. no one cares? "That's the way things are supposed to

Forgive me, as i express my Disagreement 'to the wind'. kpc]

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