well -

ken collins kckpaulc at aol.comABCXYZ
Sun Oct 17 23:49:22 EST 1999

other matter:

i've talked with a dearly-Beloved Survivor.

she gently told me that, as long as i can pay $5.00/month to the hospital, i'll
be considered to be taking care of my bill.

i will do this. [have to help my Father with some 'work', first.]

the thing bled spontaneously last Thursday night... cell 'bursting'. it's still
highly-dynamic. used to look like a little rotting cauliflower. now it looks
like a little rotting avacado.

[to the folks who've bothered the folks at the hospital, kindly, 'go away'.
i'll post a complete 'report' after the folks at the hospital check it out.]


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