Looking through cats' eyes

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Mon Oct 18 20:36:35 EST 1999

Monkeys were used in recent studies of neuronic visual activities
involving not only the primitive anesthetized responses of the feline
tests, but higher perceptual and spatial cognitions such as binocular
rivalry and visual memory familiarity selectivity.

Monkey's visual and brain components are very close to human's,
therefore the results of these studies have an obvious connection to
both "useful" knowledge and "knowledge for the sake of knowledge.

These studies, which are published in the November issue of The
Scientific American, used some anesthetized monkeys for the same,
(albeit more pertinent) studies as the one done on the cats. However,
the bulk of the study programs involved conscious monkeys whose measured
neuronic activity has given a great leap forward ,not only in basic
vision research, but in the area of cognitive thinking and
consciousness. Since the monkey studies have been going on for some
time, it is my opinion that to duplicate the anesthetized studies on
felines is a cheap trick to get published and latch on to the real work
that is being done.

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