Scientists discover addition of new brain cells in highest brain area

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Wed Oct 20 04:45:29 EST 1999

ken collins <kckpaulc at aol.comABCXYZ> wrote in message
> snip
> the existence of the 'gyri' and 'sulci' make possible minimized circuit
> within, and among, various cortical loci... which is all very-important
> respect to optimization of nervous system function with respect to
> shorter circuit lengths reduce activation latencies, and, thus, action and
> reaction 'times', all the while, minimizing energy 'consumption'
> K. P. Collins

What are you saying?! If you are "insinuating correctly" about the anatomy
of the wiring of the cortex, then I have been utterly ignorant -- again!
Except that this time I would like it *if* I have been ignorant in respect
of what you are implying.


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