Scientists discover addition of new brain cells in highest brain area

Devil's Advocate removeallbut.fellin.onthisside at
Thu Oct 21 01:41:25 EST 1999

Hi Ken!
I really appreciated your "ex-stink" :-))) (=multiple mirths)

I am not so topologically all-knowing (yet) to be able to refute or concur
with your assessment of the evolved efficiency of the information-processing
of brains. (You know, nature, and what it comes up with, is by no means
always perfect. I am sure you could point to plenty of examples ;-) -- as
can I.)

Re your integrated view of how our brains process our life-situations (so
far well enough to still hang around, as a species):

I believe you refer too frequently to your own term for a *not always
"self-apparently relevant"* bottom-line physics (thermodynamics) principle.

I wish you don't give up -- but keep on pushing with some clever (pragmatic
tactical) modification of "style". You and your intellectual effort, your
talent, and, essentially, your "A0K product"; "is" worth it.

Friendly yours,

Peter F.

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