SV: Capacity of the brain

Bernd Paysan bernd.paysan at
Sun Oct 17 16:48:25 EST 1999

Peter da Silva wrote:
> We know there's a limit (quantum physics imposes a limit on the number of
> separate states that can be maintained in that number of particles), we just
> don't know where it is.

Quantum mechanics also imposes a limit of energy needed to do a
"meaningful transition", thus actually change a state (of whatever is
changed) so that the new state can be recognised as different from the
old one, but sensing with that energy can take an infinite amount of
time. For all finite amounts of time to distinguish between two states,
h<=de*dt is sufficient as limit. That means a faster processing unit
needs to keep higher energy bits than a slower processing unit. Not that
this limit is anywhere close to where any known information processing
systems (including the brain) works.

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