SV: Capacity of the brain

Patrik Bagge pab at
Fri Oct 22 06:05:34 EST 1999

>>>Yes. The point of the experiment was to demonstrate that there was no
>>>channel through which the information could have travelled, so very short
>>>measurements were used such that (speed of light times time interval) was
>>>much smaller than the distance.
>> so,could i interpret this experiment to have "communicated" polarization
>> at a speed grater than light?
>If I remember the report correctly, they used 1.3 microsecond time
>So the minimum speed needed to transmit the correlation is something like
>11 km / 1.3 microsocnds, or, err... some 28 times the speed of light.
>However, speed as you know it not very meaningful in Quantum Physics.

I know many things, but this i do not, obviously, if i knew,
i would not have asked.
Meaningless seems to be a key word in quantum physics.

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