SV: Capacity of the brain

Terje Mathisen Terje.Mathisen at
Fri Oct 22 16:13:37 EST 1999

Erik Max Francis wrote:
> Well, the Sun won't go nova (or supernova for that matter), so unless
> you specify how you're obliterating the Sun, it's hard to answer.  Even
> if the Sun were to go supernova (which it won't), people on the dark
> side of the Earth would survive long enough to realize they're in deep
> shit.

Which is exactly the premise behind a wonderful short story (Hugo/Nebula
award winner, I believe) about some people who see the moon light up
suddenly, and realize that this is the last night of their lives.


PS. I won't reveal the ending, just in case there's someone here who
hasn't read it. :-)
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