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>Erik Max Francis wrote:
>> Ronnie Sahlberg wrote:
>> > Who needs fancy stuff like that. FTL 

to anyone who's interested:

the only stuff in Tapered Harmony that 'addresses' 'super-luminal' stuff
['faster than light' communication; 'FTL' (please do not confuse with my Proof
of Fermat's Last Theorem; FLT)] is with respect to its Impossibility.

i've been over the correlated stuff, in enough detail, in other online 'places,

seems that, some, i Acknowledge that i do see that Jesus =Knew= how our nervous
systems process-information, seek to 'take advantage' of the fact that only
very-few folks comprehend the full context of my Acknowledgement of Jesus'
Priority, which is founded in rigorous Scientific analysis of what's in the
stuff that's documented with respect to Jesus' Teaching as it's correlated to
what Neuroscience experimental results have proven with respect to the way our
nervous systems process-information.

for me, the awesome correlation (which i can demonstrate), was, and remains,
jaw-hanger stuff... how can it be that, 2000 years ago, long before the
Scientific Method was ever a 'glimmer in' Gallileo's 'eye', Jesus Knew how our
nervous system process-information?

i've no 'explanation' for it, but, there it is, for anyone, who only looks, to
see... the correlation is too awesome for me, as Scientist, to deny by way of
'failure' to Acknowledge it.

Science does not 'run and hide' from such stuff.

at any rate, unscrupulous folks have continually sought to 'find advantage' in
my Acknowledgement of Jesus' Priority with respect to the work i've done in
Neuroscience... this's some of the worst stuff i've ever experienced, and i ask
that folks not 'fall for it'.

yes, i Believe in God, because of what i've seen with my own eyes, but, no, i
do not endeavor to 'explain' God... my read is that God gets on very well
without any 'wrangling' on my part.

it's 'just' that the correlation is so Truly Awesome. having seen it with my
own eyes, had i failed to Acknowledge it, i'd've been an enemy of Truth.

that's one thing i'll never be... no matter the 'costs'.

i do note, however, that no one in Science has ever addressed this issue with

it's a Sorrow to see 'science' so 'moving away from' simple, but Beautiful,

and it's an immense Sorrow to witness, some, 'seeking advantage' through
deliberate Falsification.

K. P. Collins

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