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ken collins kckpaulc at aol.comABCXYZ
Fri Oct 22 23:04:41 EST 1999

i left a =lot= out.

i invite folks, around the world, to add to the list... don't hold back. let's
have an accounting of the wounds Ignorance has inflicted upon Humanity.

>WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, The Cold War, with its Threat of 'nuclear'
>anihilation, Sudan, Ethiopia, Samalia, Tutsies and Hutus, Iran and Iraq,
>and Kurds, Afghanistan, Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Kosovo, Chechneya, Chechnia
>slaughter of the Native Americans, Slavery, the Abandonment of American

you see, it hasn't been 'religion', or anything like that, that's been

all along, it's been Ignorance that's been ravaging Humanity.

remove the Ignorance, slay the "Beast" that slaughters.

Science, 'you' can do this.

will 'you' 'move away from' doing such?

what, then, would be left of 'your' 'Voice'?


i beg 'you', on behalf of Humanity, to Choose Truth... =now= ...with only-Joy.

read AoK's Epilogue, put on 'your' 'moving-toward' Truth shoes, take a deep
breath, and "just do it".

"A house divided cannot stand. Christ and reason say the same." (Abraham

K. P. Collins

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