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>ken collins wrote:
>>it goes on and on. i know of no physical phenomenon that is not already
>>explained within Tapered Harmony... and there's no 'weirdness' in-there. i
>>think Einstein would have enjoyed Tapered Harmony... because there's no
>>being thrown-around' in-it.
>What does it say about the 'spooky action at a distance'?

it's like 'bit-shifting'... nothing ever interacts with more than it's
'neighboring' stuff, yet the whole 'thing' is altered.

it occurs this way, in Tapered Harmony's view, be-cause the UES (flowing,
aether-like, extreme-fluid) behaves in accord with the one-way flow of energy
from order to disorder that is What's Described By 2nd Thermo (wdb2t), which,
Tapered Harmony holds, is, in accord with wdb2t, dynamically 'optimized'
('taught') throughout the universe.

in Tapered Harmony's view, SSW<->UES harmonics ('atoms') interact throughout
the extent of this 'taughtly-optimized' UES.

with respect to such there are 'routine' observational 'thresholds' that are
rigorously correlated to the resolving-power of the apparatus that's being used
to 'observe'.

for instance, folks've viewed emissions from surfaces as 'particles'
('photons', etc.), but the physical reality is that such emissions occur as a
function of the SSW<->UES harmonics ('atoms') that do the emitting, and it's
be-cause the harmonics have 'compression' and 'expansion' phases that there's
an  illusion of there being 'discreteness', when the emissions are actually
'just' a portions of =continuous= energy-flow dynamics.

in Tapered Harmony's view, there's no physical limit to the resolving-power of
observational apparatus... the 'limiting' factor is Engineering practice.

as such resolving-power increases, more and more of the global 'bit-shift-like
dynamics will be rendered concretely-observable... stuff presently considered
to be 'discrete' will be, ever-increasingly, shown to be 'just' more
=continuous= energy flow.

as i briefly discussed in another msg, all of this is already observable to a
degree, but it's gone unrecognized outside of Tapered Harmony, except that it's
come to be referred to as 'quantum weirdness'.

cheers, K. P. Collins (ken)

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