Scientists discover addition of new brain cells in highest brain area

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Tue Oct 26 00:50:00 EST 1999

Yes, I was, amongst else.
Still, I am unconvinced about the virtue of pursuing such theoretical
exactitude (as yours) when trying to describe our brains.
However, I (also) tend to believe that there is an important truth (and/or
value) in the idea of the brain being a "more involved or thorough" (than
usually thought) system of nerve routed correspondances between the
"functures" [:-> my loose and somewhat fuzzsilly logic word-fusion of
"functions+structures")]of sensory (primary, secondary and tertiary/limbic)
areas and corresponding levels of (motor/behaviour) organizing/outputting

It is quite sufficient, for me, to refer to what conventional and
conservative scientists have already interpreted or concluded (often based
on *an "overkill"* of experimental data); and then, from the overall picture
*de facto* plotted (but not usually recognised) by them, highlight not just
HOW we are (but also WHY we are how we are) from a revealing and too seldom
"focused from" explanatory angle.

This I what I have done enough for myself to feel *intellectually* satisfied
and *settled* (however I am open to have my smugness challenged in this

Peter F.

ken collins <kckpaulc at aol.comABCXYZ> wrote in message
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> >perhaps you're referring to sections that show the relatively-long
> >inter-cortical fibers doing gyrus-to-gyrus "U"-turns?
> >
> >obviously, going-by-way-of-a-"U" is longer than
> >going-by-way-of-a-straight-line.
> >
> it's been so long since my days in the attic on Farmington Avenue, when i
> worked all this stuff through.
> i got out the Neuroanatomical 'charts' (photocopies out of library texts
that i
> 'colored' and mounted on pasteboards :-) tonight and worked it through
> i stand on what i've posted, even with respect to the relatively-short
> gyrus-to-gyrus, 'arcuate', inter-cortical fibers.
> to see the 'arrows', construct a simple example... select any group of
> or more, inter-cortical projections. with the first, have its termination
> distribution's topography go one way, with the second, the inverse way.
> the third just be an any-way, but uniform, topographical distribution.
> into this mapped-mix, project the 'reticular system', in its
> globally-within-cortex relatively-uniform way.
> projections 1 and 2 will function inversely with respect to projection
> very-good, for instance, with respect to the antagonistic activation of
> and extensors with respect to the activation of projection 3.
> another specific, more-complex, example, including 'ramp-architecture, is
> discussed in AoK, Ap6.
> this stuff embodies exceedingly-powerful information-processing
> i Apologize for not presenting it whole, all at once.
> other matter: Happy 166th B'day to Alfred Bernhard Nobel... happy cheers,
if it
> turns out i've helped, sad cheers, if i've hindered, your final wishes.
> and HURRAH! for you, my Childhood "Teacher" and Hero, Thomas Edison, on
> the 120th anniversary of your perfecting the incandescent light bulb.
> gotten me through a lot of long nights. Thank You for the incandescents...
> for the Light.
> K. P. Collins (ken)

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