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> Ketil Z Malde wrote:
> > When a king dies, kingship is passed on *immediately* to his
> > successor, no matter the distance.  How, exactly, this is to be
> > implemented in a communications system is unclear.

> How it's to be implemented at all is unclear, due to the lack of frame
> invariance of simultaneity in special relativity.

Divine Right is independent of relativity. If one had a sufficient supply
of kings and heirs, you could simply monitor the level of Divine Right
radiating from the subject Princes. On the death of the King this will
immediately increase to Monarchist levels.

It would be more cost effective to use lesser Peers, since there is always
a ready supply available, but no evidence of Divine Right (or Divine anything
else) has been found in this population. This is unfortunate, because there
is a massive overpopulation of Baronets in many areas.

As for the unique frame of reference issue, the Divinity is Omnipresent and
thus establishes a preferred frame of reference.

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