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ken collins kckpaulc at aol.comABCXYZ
Mon Oct 25 23:12:52 EST 1999

now, i've found another ref, under the heading of the 'bookmark' that was
associated, earlier, with the movie web site"

"-=| Welcome to A o K Online! |=-"

how did an exact copy of the other URL's 'header' become the 'bookmark' of the
movie web site? ...which is fully-functional, going directly to the movie web

it's all so 'curious'...

anybody know 'what gives'?

K. P. Collins

>Subject: curious -
>From: kckpaulc at aol.comABCXYZ  (ken collins)
>Date: Mon, 25 October 1999 11:14 PM EDT
>Message-id: <19991025231408.28835.00001165 at>
>i read an article in today's (Mon, 25Oct99) _New York Times_, "A Sleeper
>Awakened by a Hungry Audience", by R. Lyman, pB1.
>the article mentioned a web site:
>when i went over there, i saved the URL, and it's name in my bookmarks file
>"-=| Welcome to A o K Online! |=-"
>this's 'curious'. anybody know 'what gives"?
>what's the 'correlation' between AoK ['A o K'] and the _Omegacode_ movie?
>for the record, i wish folks wouldn't do this sort of thing.
>why? ...i've not seen the flick. it's not playing anywhere near where i live.
>but reading the synopsis, and then stumbling on the 'bookmark' name, leaves
>'wondering' if these folks've made a movie about what they're doing with
>K. P. Collins

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