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Ronnie Sahlberg ronnie.sahlberg at
Tue Oct 26 12:55:45 EST 1999

Ian wrote:
> Erik Max Francis <max at> wrote:
> >Ketil Z Malde wrote:
> >
> >> But of course, it doesn't travel at all through vacuum.
> >
> >It does through radiation.
> That was a sarcastic rejoinder to the original poster who claimed infinite
> speed for heat.  He didn't make any account for the ability of heat to
> travel in a vacuum.

No, I did not make any account for ability of heat to travel in a vacum.
In fact, my posts were also supposed to be sarcastic.

I merely pointed out that according to one famous partial-diff-equation 
(which everyone use as exercise when studying basic diff-equations)
heat would be transfered at infinite speeds.
(and at uni, we used to use this as an excuse to jest the physicists
asking how they could support this equation, especially when they
to work in a scientific field)
((we mathematicians believe we are hard scientists, we only work with
truths, not faerytales like the equation above. Then we learned
about Mr Goedel, and the world fell apart))
(((approximations have no place in science,
its part of, amongst others, fields of technology)))

I do understand that the equation is faulty. It is obvious that the
solution to
this problem, heat-dissipation, can not be an analytical function 
(infinitely continously derivable, (does this make sense? swedish word
by word translation)).
Since the solution to the equation is obviously an analytical function, 
the equation can not describe heat-dissipation.

Apart from that, I am happy with the turn of this thread, I hope I did
not kill it
with this post.

br ronnie sahlberg

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