SV: Capacity of the brain

Shmuel (Seymour J.) Metz nospam at
Tue Oct 26 15:19:08 EST 1999

Ronnie Sahlberg wrote:

> ((we mathematicians believe we are hard scientists, we only work with
> truths, not faerytales like the equation above. Then we learned
> about Mr Goedel, and the world fell apart))

The world fell apart, but that doesn't mean that we weren't dealing with
truths. What Gödel, Turing and others showed was that we could never
have more than a piece of the truth.

> I do understand that the equation is faulty. It is obvious that the
> solution to
> this problem, heat-dissipation, can not be an analytical function
> (infinitely continously derivable, (does this make sense? 

It makes sense, but it's wrong; a real function can be infinitely
differentiable without being analytic. What You're describing is
C-Infinity (Why isn't there an infinity sign in ASCII?), a less
restrictive constraint.


Shmuel (Seymour J.) Metz
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