so 'you' want to know 'what gives'? [re. my Job Search]

ken collins kckpaulc at aol.comABCXYZ
Tue Oct 26 20:35:40 EST 1999

it's 'curious'.

where i live, they have an automated system in which the Unemployment
Compensation that one earns is alloted to one (after an initialization
process), as the result of one's responding, via snail-mailed 'post cards' on
which one declares one's employment, or lack thereof.

for the last month, this system has not been functional with respect to me.

but today, while trying to get my situation sorted out, i 'whined' to the
person on the other end of the line that i've been looking for work in a
wharehouse type of job, because i've been earning roof & food for my research
as a programmer (sitting on my butt), then coming home to do the research
(sitting on my butt) for decades... and, although i still Love Computing, i
want to get a physically-'demanding' job so that i can get some 'normal'
exercise. i told the person that i'd applied weeks ago to a place, and that
they were still advertising, but that i'd not heard from them.

it's a freezer wharehouse that supplies supermarkets (and which operates at -7-
to -30 degrees F ...figure i'm used to being 'left out in the cold', anyway, so
why not earn a paycheck, and get some exercise, while enduring the 'cold :-)

a couple of hours later, the folks from the wharehouse place call me, wanting
to know if i can come in for an interview.


perhaps, but such 'coincidences' have been Routine in my life for decades...
they are how i recognized the 'bars of my cage' that i've 'whined' about from
'time' to 'time' in various online 'places'.

it's my analysis that 'they' want to get me back into wasting-hours-of-my-Life
mode any way that 'they' can do so.

how'd 'they' know?

my phone's tapped... can't do a darn thing without 'them' "getting in 'their'
2-cents worth".

i'm used to it... all i've done is despite all "they've" done (which takes my
breath away when i allow myself to 'feel' the Waste inherent.

so, while i'm 'whining', i'll 'whine' some more.

earlier this 'year', not long after i was forced out of my job last spring, i
inquired about becoming a substitute Teacher. (BTW, although i didn't discuss
such, this was 'Plan B'... to give the understanding to high schoolers, while i
was taking up the slack in their regular Teachers' absence.)

i was told that, because i wasn't 'certified', i couldn't work as a substitute

it's hilarious. i've done work enough for PhDs in Neuroscience, Physics and
Mathematics. I should be able to just hook-up with an Institution and get the
'papers' that everyone 'worships'... the whole Economy of the U. S. A. (and
elsewhere) is (are) riding on my back... but i can't even be a substitute

What's that you say, "It's 'your' [my] problem." ...?

well, i understand why i don't have the 'papers' that everyone 'worships', but
if i'd've gone through all the 'hoops' that 'getting the papers' that everyone
'worships' entails, i'd've had to become a 'clone' of everyone else, and,
because of that, wouldn't've done what needed to be done.

so, 'what gives'?

sad, Cheers, ken (K. P. Collins)

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