a Formal Challenge to folks in Science

Richard Vickery Richard.Vickery at unsw.edu.au
Tue Oct 26 20:48:09 EST 1999

K P Collins wrote:
> >so, in the spirit of planting roses in the divide, i, here, Formally Challenge
> >everyone in Science to try to offer a defensible explanation of why it is that
> >the simple Truth Jesus Taught is banned from Science.

Because scientists believe in things like "best hypothesis",
"most plausible explanation", and "all evidence points towards". 
We are suspicious of something peddled as "truth", especially
when it is untestable in any useful sense.  There are degrees of
confidence that we invest in "facts" but unless things are merely
definitions we can not state with absolute certainty the truth of
something.  I think it is extremely unlikely that anything like
the Christian view of life, the universe and everything is true,
but I do not claim to know that with absolute certainty.
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