a Formal Challenge to folks in Science

ken collins kckpaulc at aol.comABCXYZ
Wed Oct 27 08:20:40 EST 1999

before i add further comments, please try to understand whence comes the
seemingly-'untoward' "intensity" that's obviously inherent in my discussion of
the Awesome Tragedy inherent in the divide that has, for so long, 'existed'
between 'religion' and 'science'.

i saw everything entailed, and the need for addressing it Forthrightly, decades
ago. folks've 'heard' me explain that i was 'locked out' of the CompuServe
"Science" Forum because i'd broached 'religious' topics in that online Science
'place'... well, the msg i'd posted that was the last msg i was allowed to post
in that other online Science 'place' dealt with the so-called
'Creation/Evolution' non-question. i'd quoted from the New Testament 2nd Letter
of Peter:

"But do not ignore this one fact, beloved, that with the Lord one day is as a
thousand yearsand a thousand years as one day."

i added, at the 'time', that if it was good enough for Peter, the "Rock" upon
which Jesus Chose to found The Church, it was good enough for me.

yet, so many who call themselves "Christians", and who invoke Sacred Scripture
literally, completely ignore this Loving writing of the man Jesus Chose to lead
The Church.

i've tried to discuss all this stuff, for the benefit of folks in both Science
and Religion, but from both 'sides', all i've encountered are 'knee-jerk'
reactions of folks who'd made up their minds long before, without ever having
actually paid any attention to all that's entailed.

while not abandoning, or, somehow, 'changing' the Old Covenant, Jesus
Established a =New= Covenant. Check it out. this, itself, Constitutes an
Evolution... the New containing, and growing out of the Old.

although i cannot 'explain' all that's entailed, for it's of God, the way it's
clear to me is that Jesus came to Humanity at 'just' the right 'time' in
Humanity's development, 2000 years ago. if He'd come sooner... before the Jews
had so-firmly established Belief in One G-d, Humanity would not have been
sufficiently prepared for the Teaching of the New Covenant to become
Established... remember, its Establishment was dependent upon the small group
of Jewish men, simple fishermen and laborers, who, because the Old Covenant was
brought to its maturity, were as 'fertile ground' for the 'seeds Jesus

but Jesus had to come when He did come for 'modern' reasons, too. if He'd've
come later, then 'science' would've already become so set-in-its-ways that the
New Covenenant's Stuff would've been Censored, outright, by folks who thought
they 'knew' that 'science' "contradicted" what was being Taught.

but because Jesus came at this 'ripe moment in time', He could not address
things in terms of 'the way our nervous systems process information'... in
terms of the biology. who could've understood such?

but i'm telling folks that, if anyone cares to see such, i can show that Jesus
was, nevertheless, Teaching out of Awesomely-deep Understanding of how our
nervous systems process information... He discussed everything from a
behavioral perspective, Gently Explaining all the crucial
'must-be-sos-if-Humanity-was-to- prosper-and-survive'.

and, because He Understood "what is  in the hearts of Humans", He did so,
Full-Knowing what would befall Him, and when it did, Prayed His Beautiful
Prayer of Forgiveness, "Father forgive them for they know not what they do", as
the very-first Thing in the Act of Consumation, The Crucifixion.

=This= is Jesus, The Christ... All-Love, All-Gentleness, All-Caring,
All-Knowing, and yet, All-Forgiving.

who are the folks who claim to be 'Christians', yet so-completely Ignore
everything that Jesus Is and Teaches?

they are Victims of the "Beast"... the "Deceiver"... Abstract Ignorance, the
absence of an understanding of how nervous systems process-information
automatically, via blind, automated TD E/I-minimization in nervous systems
which, nevertheless, process-information automatically.

that it needn't be so, is in What Jesus Taught.

who are the folks who claim to be 'Scientists', yet so-completely Ignore
everything that Jesus Is and Teaches?

Same-O, Same-O... Science =does not= 'move away from' without Consideration.
that's what Ignorance, and only Ignorance does.

all of the 'Difficulty', on =both= 'sides' of the 'Creation/Evolution'
non-question stems from folks' having elevated their merely-familiar stuff to
'equate' with Truth.

as i've discussed, in various online 'places' for more than a decade, such
=Doesn't Compute=.

yet, 'just' =Look= at all of the InHuman Savagery that's flowed out of the
Ignorance that folks on both 'sides' of the 'Creation/Evolution' non-question
have clung to... millions and millions of fellow Humans =Slaughtered=. Billions
of fellow Humans =actively= held in Ignorance by folks on both 'sides' of the
Creation/Evolution' non-question, and thus, reduced to miserable

it's =Ignorance= that's the Enemy.

would that, one day, =soon=, folks who Profess to 'Serve Understanding' would
get, at least this much, Straight.

there's only Nothingness in anything that does not Lift-Up Humanity to the
high-place where it belongs.

as the theme song for _An Officer and a Gentleman_ says, =Love= does such...
"Love will lift us up where we belong."

Not the brute-force manipulations of 'military might', nor the coercion of
'religious' 'dictatorship'.

...=Only Love=.

Exactly as Jesus Proclaimed.

It's 'time' for Ignorance to be Bannished from our Human Stuff... it's 'time'.

K. P. Collins

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