SV: Capacity of the brain

Jonathan W Hendry jhendry at
Wed Oct 27 08:49:44 EST 1999

In Ketil Z Malde <ketil at> wrote:
> peter at (Peter da Silva) writes:

> > Divine Right is independent of relativity. If one had a sufficient supply
> > of kings and heirs, you could simply monitor the level of Divine Right
> > radiating from the subject Princes. On the death of the King this will
> > immediately increase to Monarchist levels.

> This brings up another interesting thought:  Will a prince become king 
> if nobody measures the level of Divine Right?  Schr\"odinger's King,
> anybody? 

For that matter, what is the basic unit of Divine Right? Is it a
particle, wave, both, or neither? If it is a particle, can
it be split, and if so, what is left over?

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