Pre med student Question.

Kalman Rubinson kr4 at
Thu Oct 28 16:24:10 EST 1999

cekiye at wrote:
>   Hi. No, actually, I am a med student, but interested in other areas
> as well. This is not connected with any assignment. I am curious to
> know the opinion of some one who is well versed in this area to give
> me there opinion. It's a personal question. 

You should find the answer in your Neuroanatomy textbook if you define
the portion of T3 damaged by the bullet.

> >"Body wise" and "Brain wise" no doubt refers to a distinction between loss
> >of motor control and loss of sensory input.

Why?  "Body wise" seems, to me, to refer to the damage done by the
bullet as it passes through body parts on its way to and from T3. "Brain
wise," conversely, seems to refer to the neurological consequences.


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