'fixing' via thalamic-electrode implants

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>Subject: 'fixing' via thalamic-electrode implants
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>Date: Tue, 26 October 1999 11:35 PM EDT
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>there was an article in the "Science Times" section of todays' _New York
>Times_, "New Way Of Looking At Diseases Of the Brain", reported by S.
>Blakeslee, pD1.
>the article reports on work being presented at SFN meeting in Florida... work
>done by R. Liinas, NYU Medical School, with respect to how 'simple'
>electrode-implantation within thalamus can 'fix' (my term) various 'disease'
>this's NQI ('not quite it').
>all that can be done via such simple electrode implantation (which is not a
>necessarily unuseful thing) is to artificially create internal 'noise' that's
>topologically-distributed, specifically.


my response was with respect to the stuff described in the _New York Times_
article, which did not provide the locus of the electrode implants.

i'm a bit 'disappointed' that no one responded to my discussion of why all that
can be achieved via an electrode implant is stochastic-at-cortex activation.

but there's some Joy, too. wanting to verify the comments i posted from memory,
i got out my copy of _Human Neuroanatomy_, by Carpenter and Sutin, 8th Ed.,
1983, in which i've not read for more than a decade, and read from Chapter 19,
which discusses cortex.

i'd expected that it would be the case, but prior to today, i just couldn't
bring myself to reread the thing... =everything= of every sentence just
'jumped' into place, far beyond the level of integration of AoK. everything in
AoK is preserved, but the depth of the integration is now orders of magnitude
more advanced... it's been a 10+ year 'percolation'...TD E/I-minimization with
respect to all that i'd crammed into the ol' noggin' decades ago, coming
together with every waking/sleep 'consciousness' alternation.

i, therefore declare that NDT's synthesis is beyond the 'promising beginning'
that it's proposed to be in AoK, Ap10. it's stuff is 'rock' and will stand as
incontrovertible Truth for all 'time', or at least until evolutionary dynamics
significantly alter the neural architecture at a very-fundamental 'level'.

there exist no more 'excuses' for the withholding of NDT's stuff... the
Censorship of AoK's Introduction (the only 'exception' being that AoK
represents the CNS as being '5-dimensional' when it is, in fact,
4-dimensional... there being no such thing as 'time' (as i've discussed
repeatedly in various online Science 'places' over the course of the last
decade, the 4 dimensions are the 3 spatial dimensions and an abstract
'interconnectedness' dimension which is necessary to completely describe the
neural topology... this 'abstract' dimension is, however, =in= 3-space, and is
described using nothing more than the 3 spatial dimensions. it's accorded the
status of being a 'dimension' because, without it's stuff, there'd be nothing
to specifically distinguish the CNS from any other 3-space... that is, without
this 'abstract' topological 'dimension' the CNS, and it's functioning, cannot
be described.) to reiterate, what has been referred to as 'time' is 'just'
energy-flow, within, or in Physics, without, the CNS. it can be represented as
an energy gradient in 3-space. with respect to such, =throughout= physical
reality, the 'next thing' can be read, directly, from the energy gradient
itself, without recourse to non-Existent 'time'.)

will this work be Censored, =still= ?

is there no place where a man who just does Science can go to receive help and
guidance in communicating the just-Science he's done?

or, is everyone still 'afraid' of Knowing Truth, and 'wanting' only to 'move
away from' such? ...'loving' the old, familair Savagery more than Truth?

K. P. Collins

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