MDMA for psychotic depression

Troy tmarchan at
Sat Oct 30 04:51:27 EST 1999

Hi! Heres my story.

About a year ago i was in a psychiatric hopital for an amphetamine
psychosis. I am well now but while i was there i met this women who had some
sort of depression. She was undergoing electric shock therapy which im not
sure was a good idea because i was recently visiting a friend in the
hospital and i saw her there(about a year later) and she was even worse than
she was before. She spends all day wandering the hospital mumbling to
herself and saying 'this is not happening. this is not happening.' She is in
a very bad way and she seems to be getting worse.

I would like to know peoples opinions on whether small daily doses of MDMA
or ecstasy(which i have used recreationally for a few years) would help her
condition because it seems wrong to let someone suffer like this their whole
life. I am not going to give her any for fear of either going to jail or
getting her put in the locked ward but was wondering if this could possibly
help a person such as herself.

Any opinions either proffessional or non proffesional would be appreciated.

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