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>saw an ad for S. J. Gould's new book, _Rocks of Ages_


please don't presume i'm 'singling-out' Dr. Gould.

fact is that, because he simply addresses the "Science/Religion" 'divide',
Gould stands head and shoulders above most folks in Science, who 'just' "move
away from" it, without addressing it, thereby, 'denying' that there's anything
that needs to be addressed.

check it out, and one sees that it's not anything in Science that precipitates
such 'moving away from', but 'just' plain, old prejudice, with a lot of tacit
'coersion' added to the mix, via publication and funding sanctions... you know,
'science' as usual.

'science' 'looks down its nose' at 'common' folks, and, without ever even
attempting to comprehend the wisdom that 'common' folks hold dear, presume that
there's nothing to it.

sad thing is, though, 'common' folks do a version of the Same-Stuff to folks in

so you see?

the exactly-wrong thing to do is to set up "two systems, separate but 'equal'".

that's the only thing that has 'moving away from' what's needed built-right-in,
because it perpetuates the circumstance in which the 'separated' folks cannot
experience each other's stuff, which results in the stuff of the 'others'
becoming =only= relatively less-familiar, which results in the stuff of the
'others' becoming the stuff that elevates TD E/I... all =needlessly=, by
'virtue' of the fact that folks experiential environments are 'merely'
artificially 'separated'.

so, the "Beast' wins, and continues on in its ravaging ways, ever-augmentingly,
until the 'day' when low-'level' supersystem configuration mechanisms (AoK,
Ap5) take over control of nervous systems societies-wide, and 'conflagration'
recurs within our Human circumstances.

it's, literally, a 'no-brainer'... when the low-'level' supersystem
configuration mechanisms take control, all the higher'level' 'cognitive'
functionality is 'shunted' into 'passion'... the low-'level' mechanisms don't
'think'... they're 'no-brainer' stuff.

and that's what happens when folks 'move away from' mutual understanding.

i understand that this's is 'difficult' stuff, but the savagery that's bred
when Ignorance is imposed between groups is so much-more-exceedingly Difficult
that it's easy to see that it's a 'no-brainer' (to use the contemporaneous
colloquial connotation) that the thing to do is =remove= the Ignorance.

centuries of familiarity with the 'divide' augment the 'difficulty' inherent in
the "divide's' being bridged... the 'divide' has become the tenaciously-strong
merely-familiar thing...

...and 'everyone' 'beeps along, on automatic pilot, bidding Ignorance to 'stay'
so that that which has become merely-familiar will be preserved... TD
E/I-minimization at the cost of all that Humanity can be.

if it weren't so Tragic, it'd be 'humorous'... Jesus resolved everything 2000
years ago... His "burden is light".

yet, 'science' 'moves away from' such 'light'... and 'religion' doesn't bother
to let such 'light' shine.

that's the condition imposed by the 'Beast', Abstract Ignorance, upon
Humanity... 'inverting' (AoK, Ap4) everything innate within Humanity, so that
it unfolds only antagonistically with respect to Humanity's Hopes and Dreams...
with respect to the Future... with respect to the Children's Becoming.

it's all inside-out, upside-down, and backward... 'inverted'.

K. P. Collins (ken)

[P. S. please don't be 'troubled' if this current 'theme' 'slips by in the
night'... it's 'difficult'... i just have to 'let it out' because it's Sorrow
is so great within me just-now. i understand that most, in both Religion and
Science, will 'see' only 'offense' in what i've written, here. while i
recognize the probability of 'sanctions', inherent, such doesn't excuse me from
the Obligation to Honor Truth that's also inherent. i'm just 'tired' of
witnessing folks, on both 'sides' of the 'divide', pointing the finger of
'mysticism' at the 'other', not even bothering to do the work inherent in
comprehending the stuff of the 'other'... just 'move away from', and
everything'll be OK... yeah, sure. wake up! 'moving away from' Truth, and,
simultaneous 'moving toward' perpetuation of Ignorance, has been the wellspring
of Tragedy since the beginning. forgive me, please. here i sit, the work with
respect to which i'm writing, Censored, trying to communicate the hope in-it,
despite the Censorship... Ignorance, perpetuated via Censorship, is such
recursive stuff... no matter what goes-in, only more Ignorance comes out...
because the Censorship perpetuates TD E/I(up), and, 'blind' to all else, that's
all folks react to, automatically. kpc]

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