Capacity of the brain

Richard Lanyon rlanyon at
Wed Sep 1 03:29:00 EST 1999

On Tue, 31 Aug 1999 13:54:44 GMT, bj flanagan wrote:
> TTK Ciar wrote:

> ... the use of functions within the neuron more
> > complex than the threshold function, and non-binary use of the signal
> > generated by firing synapses (ie, as wave forms;

> bj: I am firmly persuaded that we ought to look for wave forms riding
> along on the "carrier waves" of synaptic discharges.

But to actually read out any wave forms riding on such carrier waves
you'd need quite a long sampling time. What I mean is, spike firing is
stochastic. This means that if you want a waveform, to do demodulation
or whatever, you need to do a lot of averaging to reconstruct the
spike probability density function (which is then your waveform). This
gives you an implausibly long latency.

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