introductory book?

Ho Young Jeong jeonghy at
Thu Sep 2 14:10:38 EST 1999


I have seen the debate on the brain capacity with great interest. This
science is well known as a highly mutidiciplinary field but it is
difficult to understand it systematically. Moreover, I am not familiar
with terms used in this area because they say with their own vocabulary.
It seems that neuroscience is related to physics, mathematics, computer
science, electrical engineering, and or so. In my thought, it is
necessary to define terms and to share ideas with them. CHAOS is an
example. Though people did not completely understand,  its concept made
influence on many areas. I think that chaos made a success(?) thanks to
general writers. In  Korea, several home appliances, which chaos theory
is applied to, were came out. Anyway, I am very interested in
neuroscience, especially brain functioning. Are there introductory books
which explain the role of each scientific discipline? I want to know the
terms and the relationship in this field. Please suggest me.


Ho Young Jeong
Kumho Chemical Lab., Korea

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