Good books on neurology?

Majken & Thomas Zoëga Ramsøy zoega at ramsoey
Thu Sep 2 14:01:46 EST 1999

Hi Tue.

A good popular introductory book to the emotional systems of the brain would
be Joseph LeDoux's "The Emotional Brain". A popular science book, but with
good points made and some introductory description of the neuro-basis of
emotions. Also look for articles by the same author.

Of course I have to recommend the brilliant introductory book to the basis
of neuroscience by Kandel, Jessell and Schwartz "Principles of neural
science", or the "digest" version "Essentials of neural science and

For readings on brain substrates of pain, search for "nociceptor", if you
have a scientific database available. Hvis du ellers skulle have spørgsmål,
kan du maile mig.


Thomas Ramsøy
Stud.psych. (neuropsychology)

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