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Claes Frisk Claes.Frisk at
Fri Sep 3 02:11:47 EST 1999

> Oh I believe a computer is vary capable of intelligence. It's only a
matter of
> a few hundred keystrokes.

So you mean that we just have to generate all syntactically correct programs
less than, say,
a hundred lines in some suitable language, and automatically do some testing
to find the
intelligent one?
Yeah right!

> I agree again. I can see it happening within the next 10 years.

If it's that easy, why hasn't it happened yet?

I think the only hope that you may be right is the rapid progress we're
seeing in robotics.
High-enough-capacity processors, sensors and actuators are becoming
available so cheaply
that it's becoming commercially interresting to build robots for the mass
"Market evolution" might be a good substitute for natural evolution...

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"It is not the strongest of the species that survives,
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