SV: Capacity of the brain

Jan Vorbrueggen jan at
Fri Sep 3 11:12:20 EST 1999

"Bill Todd" <billtodd at> writes:

> Not, of course, that I'd wish to place such mush on an equal level with the
> 'hard' sciences, you understand...

Waht "hard science", then? If you read the introduction of some texts in
theoretical physics (hard enough for you?), you'll find the point of view
taken that, in the sense the word is usually used, there is no such thing
as a physical "law." All there is are rules of calculation; one such rule
is considered better than another by virtue of the fact that it is better
at predicting the outcome of an experiment to which it is applicable than
the other. In this sense, Newton's rules of motion are still perfect "laws"
as long you're not trying to drive your car at significant fractions of the
speed of light or near to a neutron star.


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