Researchers develop first potential schizophrenia genetic animal model

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>Researchers develop first potential schizophrenia genetic animal model

Uhh. NMDA knock-out mice have been around for some time, see eg. the
series of papers in Cell by Tonegawa and others (1996). They were
suggested to be amnesic, not psychotic. However, the papers published
by Bannermann (in Morris' group) and Peter Cain suggest that
NMDA-hypofunction may not readily be related to learning problems. 
Then, we have the paper by Steele and Morris (in Hippocampus, this
year) which suggest that the learning impairments form hippocampal
NMDA recpetor blockade is memory specific, and thus that they 
cannot be attributed to altered motivation, motoric difficulties, or
perceptual distortion ("psychosis"). Right now, we don't know how to 
interpret this seemingly contradictive results. But it could suggest
that NMDA hypofuction is neither a good model for anmesia or

Then, again, I would really like to know how they could demonstrate
perceptual distortion is these mice. I hope the behaviour is done
properly, so we don't get a replay of the fyn knock-out or CaM KII 
knock-out papers. It was initially suggested that these mice were
lacking LTP and memory in parallel, but it was later discovered that
the "impresive" results were due to poor behavioral analysis.

Now, I could really use some NMDA knock-out mice myself, so please
send me a sample if you have any to spare :)

Sturla Molden

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