Cognitive Robotics and Cognitive Science

Arthur T. Murray uj797 at
Sat Sep 4 22:28:40 EST 1999

He has been vetted by the long arm of the 'Net, inasmuch as the
Kansas University Cognitive Science Project shows as director of "KUCSP" our man Dr. Tom Schreiber:

Tom Schreiber, schreibe at, wrote on 4 Sep 1999:

> Hi.  I am new to this newsgroup.

You have come to the right place -- comp.robotics.misc -- the
wackiest collection of societal misfits and genius interbreedings
collected this side of the Bermuda Triangle Where Have They Gone

>                                   I am a member of a scientific
> research team (funded by the National Science Foundation),
> which has the goal of using humanoid robots to test, develop,
> and refine theories of HUMAN Cognition. That is, we develop
> robots with human appearance, sensory and actuation systems
> that APPROXIMATE humans.

Close enough for government work.

>                           We program these robots based on
> current theories of human memory and cognition (i.e., those
> based on empirical research done involving human beings),
> and we then situate the robots in some type of environment,
> and see how they work.  If they don't work, or don't work as
> expected, we either refine the theory or we test a different
> theory with different architectural or processing assumptions.
> Here's my question: Anyone else out there interested in such an
> approach

No, it's too broad.  Could you wait twenty or thirty years for
us practitioners to grow up and our miasmatic fields to merge?

Each discussant in these tech-Mecca groups follows one tiny facet
of The Big Picture.  Hopeless, what you propose here, young man.

Unless you yourself volunteer to coordinate the uncoordinable,
all the Bridges of Madison County will not unite the rabble of AI,
the snoots of neuroscience, the unwashed of robotics, the groupies
of linguistics nor the detached unreachables of Philosophia Biou
Kybernetes.  Tell it to the Marines, or the Forth community.

>           (an approach that bridges the fields of AI, Cognitive
> Psychology, Linguistics, Neuroscience, Philosophy, etc.)??? MF
> TS

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