diarrhea weakness

Ken Collins KPaulC at email.msn.com
Sun Sep 5 02:09:29 EST 1999

decreased muscle tone is 'normal' during any 'illness', don't worry about it
unless it occurs in a way that shows no correlation to bodily malaise. if
so, see a doctor.

ken collins

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> Hi
> My question is this:  When I get diarrhea or loose stool often my legs
> feel weak (sometimes I even feel lightheaded) and the feeling will go
> usually away after the stool is passed.  I've heard others say the same
> thing.  Can you tell me if this is normal and especially what is the
> general biological mechanism that causes this....are there nerves in
> the intestines that send signals to the brain or muscles to cause them
> to weaken or 'misfire' ?  Thanks -Dave
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