Rapid Shifts of Attention in Human Brain

Ken Collins KPaulC at email.msn.com
Sun Sep 5 04:03:29 EST 1999

"after" is NQI... attention follows the onset of abstract TD
E/I-minimization, and 'blossoms' in the midst of ongoing TD
E/I-minimization, culminating when TD E/I is 'minimized' (relatively) to the
degree to which it can be minimized... which is what i meant by 'after'.

i'll add, here, that the relative degree of 'consciousness' ('awareness')
that's achievable depends =solely= on the degree to which TD E/I is, in
fact, minimized. of course, as is explained in AoK, 'TD E/I-minimization'
includes a =lot=, but all that's included is 'just' TD E/I-minimization,
be-cause TD E/I-minimization is wdb2t-coherence Actualized within the
nervous system.

K. P. Collins

[p. s. for what the 'test'? nobody'll ever let me into 'their club'... why
bother? look at me. i'm Free of all the B. S. that 'membership' entails,
aren't i? good grief... i owe 'testers' =Nothing=, other than Forgiveness,
which i give as a matter of course, if only folks choose to pass through the
'door'. KPC]

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> typo alert:
> Ken Collins <KPaulC at email.msn.com> wrote in message
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> > i just went to read the article, and will add...
> >
> > the degree of sequential stuff depends upon relative familiarity with
> > image that's being viewed, no matter the image's 'complexity', and the
> thing
> > that's 'attended' to is abstract TD E/I, not the information-content of
> the
> > image. the information-content is converged-upon only the preliminary TD
> > E/I-minimization.
> "the information-content is converged-upon only AFTER the preliminary TD
> E/I-minimization.
> sorry, K. P. Collins
> > as is explained in AoK, processing 'rates', inherent, are non-linearly
> > inversely-proportional to abstract TD E/I.
> >[...]

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