Capacity of the brain

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Sun Sep 5 08:05:29 EST 1999

> > > bj: What passes between the neurons which has the form of a wave?

> > Neurotransmitters, not electrons.

bj: And neurotransmitters are chemicals, yes? And chemicals' properties
are EM effects? (Feyman, *Lectures*)

> superficially, but in actuality, it's neither.
> what flows is geometrically configured energy... that's what 'molecules'
> are.

bj: Specifically, electromagnetic (EM) energy. Therefore:

> the geometry inherent is exquisitely engineered to impose energy-flow
> consequences at target loci, which are also 'just' geometrically configured (EM) energy.
> and so, the (EM) energy flows, overall, empowering everything, including
> cognition, affect, 'consciousness, behavior, 'intelligence', &c. all in
> rigorous accord with wdb2t.

bj: "wdb2t"?

Quanta & Consciousness

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