Good books on neurology?

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> Hello all,
> Can anyone recommend some good books on
neurology? I am particularly
> interested in research into the chemical basis
of emotion (incl. pain),
> and brain chemistry in general. I particularly
need info on the
> inhibitor/promoter (sic?) properties of
neurones. Good illustrations
> would be a great plus.
> If anyone knows of some really good ones (even
if they are expensive),
> that are both readable for a non-scientist and
yet also goes into some
> detail, I'd be terribly grateful for
> Tue Sorensen, Denmark
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> Share what you know. Learn what you don't.
> In response to your message I dont know of any
books at the moment, however I will look for you.
I was also wondering if you could help me.
I am coaching two students towrds their Part 1
Neurology exams here in England and I need to
know why taking a history prior to performing an
EEG is so important, what questions we should ask
and why.
If you have any info about this I would be most
I can be contacted at mreyes at
I will keep you informed if I find anything for

Mark Reyes, England

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Share what you know. Learn what you don't.

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